Developer Manager (Low Code) at Indiana University Health


Main Job posting is here:

The primary wrinkle in this job that makes it stand apart from a traditional Development Manager role is the process and methodology we use vs. a more traditional development pattern. We are utilizing more of an Extreme Programming model for deployment versus Agile and even SDLC. We follow the "philosophy" of Agile, but we do not utilize the rituals/artifacts for these developers. The "sprints" are all operating in their own by project versus as a group and sometime last only a few hours.

There will be a heavier focus on understanding how/where our group differs from the other adjacent development teams that follow a more traditional Agile process on more traditional platforms. That means managing not only your direct reports, but also upward. To ensure that leadership always recognizes the appropriate differences between the approaches and types of projects this team manages.

The work created by the individuals in your area will be highly visible within the organization and the velocity will be notably higher than other areas. The kinds of attitudes toward what is "acceptable" regarding risk and failures is different that the more traditional work. Applications created within this area expect to have drastically more changes and an ongoing cycle of updates and revisions right until retirement.

For an overview of approach and the types of applications, you can see a presentation given recently here: