Experienced Software Product Problem Solver at SEP

Tired of moving from job to job every couple years, searching for new/meaningful/relevant problems to tackle? Want to work on a variety of challenging projects over time, without the risk of jumping into a new company culture each time?

Come to SEP. In your first few years, you could find yourself working on:

  • An in-cab automation guidance system for agricultural machinery
  • A web-based system for predictive aircraft engine health
  • A mobile app for controlling your home health ecosystem

These are just a sampling of the kinds of projects we tackle. In any given year our makers tackle 20+ projects across a wide variety of industries and domains. And we've been tackling these kinds of problems for 34 years,all the while building an award-winning culture that has stood the test of time.

If this sounds interesting to you, apply to one of the following:

  • If you prefer to wrangle the crunchy bits of code: https://sep.fyi/staffengineer
  • If you like to code, but find that you're best at guiding a small group tackling a challenge together: https://sep.fyi/leadengineer
  • If you like to make sure the user experiences in products are modern, relevant, and accessible to users: https://sep.fyi/seniorUX
  • If you like to bring awareness and understanding to what users need in the first place and what business needs are, find a merger between the two, and help ensure that vision gets translated to reality: https://sep.fyi/seniorIxD