Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer at Audiochuck

audiochuck is seeking a Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer to join our team.

This is an ONSITE position (Open to candidates that reside in the United States). The onsite work location is Indianapolis, Indiana.

As a QA Engineer, you will be involved in every step of the testing/SQA process for our mobile and web applications. We are focused on delivering high-quality software to a wide user base. With more than 100k users on our platform, product quality has become the top priority for our team. We believe the addition of this position will allow us to grow our user base even further through more advanced features that allow users to connect as a community.

This is a foundational hire for our company and this department. We are looking to you for process and toolset definition and refinement. We want you to own this role and be proud of what you create.

About this evolving role (and how you can grow with it):

Phase 1: Manual Testing

You will first be responsible for building our manual app testing processes by implementing a test case management tool and creating multiple test case suites. This will lay a foundation for your familiarity with the application and be the knowledge that all future testing derives from.

Phase 2: Automated Testing

The next phase would be to take on automation of the most critical cases for regression testing. You will be responsible for choosing the best toolset to accomplish this. Test automation will include unit testing, integration testing, and scripted UI testing. Some of these test cases (e.g., unit and integration testing) should be built by the development team, but defined and driven by you. Other portions (e.g., scripted UI) will be your sole responsibility.

Coordinating UAT

In conjunction with the development of our internal testing process, you will coordinate user acceptance testing. This will include both internal stakeholders and external beta testers. You’ll be responsible for coordinating these users and helping them test new features and functionality.

What you will bring to the table:

  • Ownership of role - we’re here to support, you’re here to drive.
  • Energy and passion - it’s core to our culture.
  • Demonstrated experience as a QA Engineer for procedural and automated testing
  • Proficient with JavaScript
  • Eager to deliver applications that have an impact
  • Strong analytical ability
  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • Three+ years of QA Engineer experience (preferred but not required)
  • Experience launching content-focused mobile products that drive engagement (preferred but not required) ## What audiochuck will bring to the table:
  • Commitment to intentional leadership development for all employees
  • Dedication to company culture and promoting mental health
  • A talented team of collaborative and passionate employees to support your work
  • An appreciation for diverse work experience and backgrounds
  • A chance to work on shows from a leading network for true crime podcasts
  • Competitive base salary and bonus incentives
  • Benefits contribution
  • 401(k) retirement plan with a match
  • Paid time off, team events and activities ## About us: audiochuck is an Indianapolis-based media company focused on bringing our fans edge-of-your-seat storytelling that speaks to the latest generation of podcast listeners. Since December 2017, we’ve been creating and producing compelling content that leaves you craving more. We’ve produced multiple shows that have premiered at #1, racking up hundreds of millions of downloads a year.

audiochuck is a young, fast-growing, and dynamic company that rewards its employees, regardless of age or experience, according to the work they do. We are committed to developing internal talent and fostering a long-term team of talented media professionals. Advocacy is an essential part of the audiochuck culture. We are passionate about using our platform to make a positive difference in people’s lives by using our time, money, and resources to advocate for victims and families.

Does this role sound like you? If so, please apply and submit your resume along with a cover letter. Apply Here