Software Engineer at Holder


Holder is hiring key team members for a new B2B SaaS, web3 startup. The business is building the first marketing and sales software platform for the web3 industry (NFT projects, DeFi protocols, DApps, protocols, and other crypto-native businesses). It will be the first startup in this industry and the first web3 business to launch out of High Alpha.

You’ll report to the CEO and work closely with the High Alpha team. If you’ve ever been interested in working at a company as one of the founding engineers, this is it.

About this role:

As a software engineer, you will have the unique opportunity to be a creator, builder, and innovator as you help design and build a first-of-its-kind SaaS platform for the web3 industry.

This role will be responsible for the early technology, engineering, and infrastructure organization while also keeping the company on the bleeding edge of innovation and web3 technology. You will work with both the internal engineering organization and a strategic external partner on the development of the initial MVP, while also helping develop a strategic long-term roadmap for building a high-growth, venture-backed software platform.

What You’ll Do:

You will be an integrated member of the cross-functional development team. You will be a part of building our customer and end user-facing web applications and the backend that powers them. You will help triage and fix bugs that make it to production. We will work together to define the early-stage product and the processes and procedures that guide how we work as a team. Responsibilities include:

  • Ship product by working in and on our full and evolving tech stack:
    • Nodejs / Reactjs
    • Express.js
    • SQL / Neo4j
    • Ethereum / Alchemy / Moralis
    • Google Cloud Platform
  • Participate in architecture design, build schedule, milestone, delivery, and post-project reviews.
  • Extend our data pipeline through event-driven services running on GCP
  • Build integrations with platforms like Moralis, Alchemy, Discord, Twitter, SendGrid, and others
  • Be customer-obsessed, build applications focused on their needs, and establish and adhere to software engineering best practices and user-centric design principles.
  • Work with all areas of the business, including end-users, to help guide the product roadmap aligned to the business goals.
  • Utilize modern DevOps, CI/CD, and monitoring tools to quickly and efficiently deliver and maintain high-quality software
  • Be quality-minded to ensure consistency, reliability, security, and performance.
  • Triage and remediate bugs throughout the system and development process.
  • Refine ideas and roadmap items into actionable work

What You’ll Need:

  • 1+ years developing software professionally on a team
  • Experience working with relational and non-relational databases
  • Expertise writing extensible platforms and APIs
  • Hands-on experience with cloud providers like AWS or Google Cloud
  • Experience writing unit and integration tests
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills in a remote setting
  • Experience in Solidity, building DApps, or blockchain development a plus, but not required
  • An interest in learning blockchain development, Solidity, and smart contract development

Our Values:


We constantly challenge ourselves to push boundaries, defy conventional wisdom, and take smart risks by pursuing big opportunities hiding in plain sight.


We push ourselves and portfolio companies to build processes and systems that compress time, speed, and decision-making to produce results faster.


We demand the best from ourselves, our team, and our partners. We create the context for success by providing the appropriate resources, infrastructure, training, and mentorship required to win.

Holder is an equal opportunity employer, and we value diversity at our company. We don’t discriminate based on race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

To apply, please contact Joel Moser or apply directly.