Sr. Data Engineer at Metamor Systems


Metamor Systems is a central Indiana based company (specifically, our office is in Carmel but our employees are all over central Indiana). We are seeking 1 (and possibly 2) central-Indiana SQL Server developers.

Company Highlights - We are a small company (obviously) with about 35 employees - We are focused on all things data...I have been working in the "data industry" for my entire career in the central Indiana area - We are straightforward, no-nonsense, no bureaucracy, no internal politics...just a "let's get down to the work" kind of company - We have decent benefits (e.g., Health, dental, 401K, etc...) but we're not big enough for tons of perks

Position Details - The position(s) is a SQL Server developer with some good experience (maybe 5+ years, but it's all about what you know) in ETL/SSIS and TSQL. - While the infrastructure is in the cloud, the architecture/approach is more of an on-prem orientation. - The schedule will be hybrid (3 days on-site; 2 days off-site). - There is no vax mandate (but we highly recommend getting vax'ed and boosted). - Salary is up to $120K.