Sr. Low Code Developer (Power Platform) at Indiana University Health


Main job description is here:

This position is for a senior developer who focuses on "Low Code" platforms. Currently we utilize PowerApps/Automate widely but are expanding into new platforms including Service Now and potentially Oracle APEX. The key aspect is that we are adopting a rapid application development model similar to Extreme Programming vs. Agile for all Low Code applications. That means most of the ideas around Agile apply, but almost none of the rituals and artifacts.

Our group is part of a larger development team that includes some traditional development in .NET as well as clinical developers working with our EMR system. However, the Low Code team is the only group operating within this methodology.

Much of the work we do is on interim applications for near-term solutions while longer-term solutions are being planned/built/purchased. Lifecycle for applications can be weeks, but often are at least a year with sometimes them remaining indefinitely.

The key aspect is that your work will directly impact potentially thousands Team Members every single day. So while an application is for a "short term", you might be impacting 4000 nurses and helping them give better care during that entire lifecycle. The number of people whose lives you will impact on a daily basis will always be quite large.

This means that the work is very personally rewarding and you will always see the impact of what you create. As this is Low Code, the bulk of the work is on UX and ensuring that no training is needed. When changes are made, there will not be time or interest for end-users to read or memorize training materials, so the focus is heavily on intuitive designs. While the velocity and level of focus required means that you will be working on multiple projects simultaneously, often you will be 90% focused on completing a specific project.

To get an idea of the kind of applications and way we work, you can watch this presentation covering some of the applications built by our team: